3MAgreement.pdf3M Security Gates Service Agreement 
ACRLReport10.pdfACRL Annual Report, Citrus, 2010 
ACRLReport2011.pdfACRL Annual Report, Citrus, 2011 
ACRLReport2012.pdfACRL Annual Report, Citrus, 2012 
ACRLReport2013.pdfACRL Annual Report, Citrus, 2013 
ACRLIndex10-13.pdfACRL Library Report Index 2010-2013 
AdjunctForm.pdfAdjunct Professional Growth Form 
7203Form7.pdfAP 7203 Form 7 - Professional Growth and Self-Evaluation Report 
AssmntResults13-14.pdfAssessment Results 2013-2014 
CCSSEQuestionsSpr14.pdfCCSSE Library Questions, Spring 2014 
CCSSEResultsSpr14.pdfCCSSE Results, Spring 2014 
EmerPreparedness.pdfCitrus College Emergency Preparedness, Library 
CollectionPolicy10.pdfCollection Development Policy 2010 
DataUsage13.pdfDatabase Usage Stats 2013 
ENG103AASpr13.pdfENG 103 Amaya-Anderson, Spring 2013 
FootprintsRequest.pdfFootprints Online Form 
IEALC11.pdfIEALC Agreement 2011 
ILLSurvey.pdfILL Survey 
Withdrawn09-14.pdfItems Withdrawn from the Collection 2009-2014 
LCData10-14.pdfLearning Center Data 2010-2014 
LCPR014.pdfLearning Center Instructional Support Annual Program Review and Plan 2014 
LCSurveyReport.pdfLearning Center Survey Report 
LecturePPT.pdfLecture Capture Screen Shot 
LibSessionsbyYear.pdfLibrary Instruction Sessions by Year 
Liaisons14-15.pdfLibrary Liaisons 2014-15 
Report-VN-Spr13.pdfLibrary Report, VN, Spring 2013 
LSISPR2014.pdfLibrary Services Instructional Support Annual Program Review and Plan 2014 
EnglDeptPeriodicalsSpr14.pdfLibrary Survey English Department Periodicals, Spring 2014 
SurveyIndex10-14.pdfLibrary Survey Index 2010-2014 
SurveyFa10.pdfLibrary Survey, Fall 2010 
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