Much information within the institutional research, planning and effectiveness website is offered via the portable document format (PDF) file type. If you find that you are unable to properly access any PDF files within the institutional research, planning and effectiveness website, please contact Jody Barrass at and you will be provided with an accessible alternative.

Benchmark.pdf01. Benchmark Scores Report 2016 - Main Survey 
Frequency.pdf02. Frequency Distributions 2016 - Custom Survey Items 
DistributionsPT.pdf03. Frequency Distributions 2016 - Part-Timeness (1-5) 
DistributionsStudents.pdf04. Frequency Distributions 2016 - Main Survey 
DistributionsPTStudents.pdf05. Frequency Distributions 2016 - Breakout by Enrollment Status: Less Than FT Students 
DistributionsFaculty.pdf06. Frequency Distributions 2016 - Faculty-Only Items 
Distributions.pdf07. Frequency Distributions 2016 - Student and Faculty Items 
ExSummary.pdf08. CCSSE Executive Summary - 2016 Key Findings 
ScoresGraphs.pdf09. Longitudinal Benchmark Scores - Items with Graph 2006-2016 
Means.pdf10. Means Report 2016 - Main Survey 
RespondentProfile.pdf11. Respondents to Underlying Population Comparisons 2016 
EngagementNewsletter.pdfCCCSE Engagement Matters Vol 13 Issue 1 - Jan 2016 
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