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Creating a Self Care Plan

For some, the idea of self- care is getting a massage and then going back to your life as if Calgon™ took all the stress away in an hour. In actuality, self-care is a plan that allows us to think broadly of what we truly need consistently to feel nurtured and whole across many domains of our lives. Come and imagine what self-care looks like for you right now.
Facilitator: Ms. Nickawanna Shaw, dean of language arts and library
Location: CI 159
Audience: All employees
Recorded: Yes


The mental benefits of Pilates are just as transformative as the physical benefits. Pilates is a great way to practice movement meditation.
Facilitator: Ms. Renee Liskey, dance faculty
Location: VT 323
Audience: All employees
Recorded: No

Rest as Resistance: Nurturing Well-Being for Community College Faculty and Staff

In the fast-paced world of higher education, faculty and staff often find themselves immersed in supporting diverse student populations, managing workloads, and navigating institutional demands. Balancing multiple priorities can be challenging. The "Rest as Resistance" workshop has been created to help address these challenges. This workshop provides a rejuvenating space for faculty and staff to explore the transformative power of rest. This workshop aims to promote rest as a form of resistance against burnout and stress. If you want to take a quick nap or rest your eyes, please bring your pillow and blanket. Yoga mats will be provided.
*Limited capacity of 15 attendees. Reserve your space at https://form.jotform.com/240375625631152
Facilitator: Ms. La' Kisha Bokowski, child development and early childhood education faculty
Location: Library
Audience: All employees
Recorded: No

Self-Care Walk

Join your colleagues in a mile-long walk around campus while discussing your self-care practices. Follow the route on the map and find some self-care related conversation starters at check-in points along the path. At a relaxed, leisurely pace, your self-care walk can be completed in 30 minutes. Use this time to conduct an invigorating walking meeting, chat with colleagues, or simply enjoy a walk outside.
Location: Campus Center
Audience: All employees
Recorded: No

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