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Accessibility Round Table

This round table discussion will allow participants to engage in a conversation about the importance, challenges, and solutions regarding accessibility in and out of the classroom on the Citrus College campus. Participants can also share their accessibility tips or resources. The open discussion will be prompted by guiding questions.
Facilitator: Dr. Ty Thomas, director of diversity, equity, and inclusion
Location: CI 159
Audience: All employees
Recorded: No

AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Your Everyday Life

Join us for an introduction to AI (artificial intelligence). This session will cover what AI is and how it can be helpful day-to-day. From data-driven decision-making to personalized learning, AI transforms routine tasks into opportunities for growth, innovation, and even a little workplace magic.
Facilitator: Dr. Eric Calderon, chief information services officer
Location: LI 118
Audience: All employees
Recorded: Yes

Faculty Experience with Zero-Textbook-Cost (ZTC) Resources

Learn about what is happening at Citrus College with the Zero-Textbook-Cost Degree Grant (ZTC) program. Hear from fellow faculty about their experience using open educational resources and other zero textbook cost options in their courses.
Facilitators: Ms. Sarah Bosler, Ms. Elizabeth Cook, and Mr. Darren Hall, library services faculty and ZTC tri-coordinators
Location: LH 102
Audience: Faculty and managers
Recorded: Yes

POP Art: Selection for the Fredrick R. Weisman Collection

The session will guide you through the show "Pop Art - Selections from the Frederick R. Weisman Foundation Collection." Presentation will include a history of the collection, and a guided curated tour of the current show in the Citrus College Art Gallery. Learn how to use the art gallery, specifically this show, as a learning tool in the classroom.
*Limited capacity of 20 attendees per breakout session. Reserve your seat at https://form.jotform.com/240285778222157
Facilitators: Dr. Catie Besancon, Ms. Dyane Duffy, and Mr. Michael Hillman, visual arts faculty
Location: VA Art Gallery
Audience: All employees
Recorded: Yes

Student Equity for First Generation Students and Queer Students

An overview will be provided of the student equity plan and two disproportionately impacted (DI) student populations: first-generation students and queer students. Services and resources for the two DI student populations will be shared.
Facilitators: Ms. Anastasia Arnestad, Pride Center coordinator; Dr. My Chau, assistant director, student equity and success; Mr. Anthony Delgado, research analyst; and Ms. Sara Gonzales-Tapia, EOPS/ CARE/Next Up and Cal WORKs director
Location: LH 101
Audience: All employees
Recorded: Yes

The Citrus College Caring Campus Initiative

In 2023, Citrus College joined the Institute for Evidence-based Change's Caring Campus Initiative. This initiative recognizes the importance and role of classified staff in support of student success. The first contact with the college is often with a classified professional. Classified professionals are in a critical position at the school where they can help to reduce barriers, ensuring the process for applying, enrolling, and persisting, and all students easily understand completion. Additionally, classified professionals help create a sense of connectedness for our students and are often essential in helping remove non-academic obstacles to student success. This session will provide an overview of the initial steps and recommendations for the Caring Campus Initiative, led by 25 Citrus College classified professionals.
Facilitators: Ms. Rita Barber, veterans services technician; Ms. Ida Esquivel, administrative secretary I, EOPS/CARE/Next Up and Cal WORKs; Ms. Christina Garcia, administrative assistant, student services; Ms. Emmy Madrid, DSPS specialist; Dr. Richard Rams, vice president of student services; and Ms. Christine Recendez, administrative assistant, academic affairs.
Location: LH 103
Audience: All employees
Recorded: Yes

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