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Biotechnology is the application of biological systems and living organisms to address today’s societal challenges. Biotechnology utilizes living cells to produce medicine, food, and alternative fuels, as well as remove environmental toxins. The Biotechnology Program at Citrus College offers a variety of courses to train students for entry-level positions as technicians in the local bioscience industry. For students intending to transfer to a four-year institution, the program increases career awareness and preparation for biological research opportunities. By successfully completing required courses, students may earn a Certificate of Achievement in Biomanufacturing, as well as an Associate’s Degree in Biotechnology.

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Through the program, students gain a broad understanding of biological and chemical concepts important for biotechnology. Over 270 hours of laboratory training ensure that students are comfortable safely operating and maintaining industry-standard equipment. In the lab, students work in teams to perform experiments that explore genetic engineering and the use of living cells for large-scale drug manufacturing. Resume building and job interview skills are emphasized throughout the program to prepare students to obtain entry-level employment. Visits to local companies provide students with an appreciation of career opportunities in the areas surrounding Citrus College.

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