Fitness Center (Adapted Physical Education Center) in AP 109 and Cardiovascular Training KIN 159

Fitness Center buildingThe Fitness Center offers fitness opportunities for students, campus employees and community members within the college district.

The Fitness Center is located in the Adapted Physical Education Center building, AP 109. The Adapted Physical Education Center building is located on the east side of the college campus, adjacent to the tennis courts, north of the Aquatics Center. The closest parking lot is located off Barranca Avenue, south of Foothill Boulevard.

For disabled drop-off and pick up, Access Station #2 is located in front of the Adapted Physical Education Center building (AP 109).

A general campus map may be downloaded and printed from this page, for your convenience.

RECORDED FITNESS CENTER HOURS: (626) 852-8019 or on-campus extension 5712

KIN 159 Cardiovascular Circuit Training
Held in the Fitness Center (AP 109), this course offers a non-competitive, flexible, scheduled environment in which the student can develop a total fitness program, and promotes areas of muscular strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. A philosophy of "Fitness for Life" is the ultimate objective.

Please review the online class schedule on WingSpan. To apply, please visit the Admissions and Records website. To register, please go to WingSpan. For questions or assistance with application, enrollment or registration, please contact Admissions and Records at (626) 914-8511.

SPRING SEMESTER 2015 : February 18 through June 12, 2015

CENTER CLOSED for KIN 159 students on the following dates:  
April 13-17, 2015
May 25, 2015

Fitness Center
Fitness Center recorded hours, if calling from off-campus: (626) 852-8019, or on-campus extension 5712
Fitness Center recorded hours, if on-campus: extension 5712 

For more information about the Fitness Center/Adapted PE Center facility, please call during business hours: (626) 963-0323, extension 5712, and speak to the instructor on duty.

Kinesiology, Health and Athletics
Adapted PE
Kinesiology, Health and Athletics Department: (626) 914-8650
Adapted PE: (626) 914-8685
Adapted Aquatics: (626) 852-6447