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Checklist for Applying and Registering

Apply for Admission
• Complete and submit your application online.
• Enter your responses accurately and completely. Errors and omissions will create inaccuracies in your master file and may delay your registration.
Provide College and High School Transcripts
• Request official college transcripts from all colleges previously attended be sent to Admissions Office. It is recommended that transcripts are on file prior to your registration appointment if you're asking for clearance to enroll in courses with prerequisites. Both high school and college transcripts are required in order to be considered for Financial Aid, Veteran's Benefits and athletic eligibility.
• Request official high school transcripts, if you attended high school within the last three years, to be sent to the Admissions and Records. It is recommended that transcripts are on file before your appointment with a counselor/educational advisor.
Register for a Student Email Account
• All students must have a Citrus College student email account in order to receive information regarding registration, waitlist, financial aid, class information and any other college communication.
• This e-mail account is free. Visit http://www.citruscollege.edu/tecs/studentemail  for details.
Take the Assessment Test
(626) 857-4035
Assessment testing is required if you are:
• Enrolling in five or more units.
• Planning to enroll in English, mathematics, reading or science courses.
• A photo ID must be presented when you take the test.
• Students who completed assessment at another college must have their placement results sent to the Admissions and Records Office.
• Students who have a disability that requires testing accommodations are advised to make arrangements through the Disabled Students Center, (626) 914-8675.
Attend Required Orientation
Orientation - Students who are new to Citrus are urged to complete the assessment and MUST complete orientation. All future registration will be withheld for those students who have not completed orientation.  For deadline dates, please download applicable semester checklist.
To read about procedures for challenging matriculation regulatory provisions, please refer to the matriculation section in the Citrus College Catalog at http://www.citruscollege.edu/schedule/catalog  
Assessment/Orientation Options - Orientation can be satisfied in any of the following formats:
• In-person orientation (recommended for new students)
• Orientation following assessment
• Assessment/Orientations held at high schools
• Early Decision at Citrus College
• Online orientation at http://orientation.citruscollege.edu
Meet with a Counselor
(626) 914-8530
• Meeting with a counselor/educational advisor is an important part of student success at Citrus College.
• All students who are planning to earn an associate degree, transfer to a four-year university or enter a career preparation program are urged to meet with a counselor/educational advisor as soon as possible.
View Your Appointment
• On or after the specific semester dates noted on applicable semester checklist, you will be able to view your registration appointment time.
• Go to https://wingspan.citruscollege.edu  
• Please make sure you have completed all the steps listed above.
Register for Your Classes on WingSpan
Please refer to the applicable semester checklist to see when WingSpan registration begins.
• Go to: https://wingspan.citruscollege.edu
• Registration is by appointment only and can only be accessed through WingSpan.
• The appointment will be valid for the date and time shown, or for any scheduled registration date and time thereafter.
• Be prepared to pay for your classes when you register to avoid losing your classes due to non-payment roll-out.
Attend the First Class:
It's Required!
• If you enroll in the class and miss the first meeting, the instructor may give your place to a waiting student who was unable to enroll during registration.
• If you cannot take the class, it is your responsibility to drop your class online before the drop/withdrawal deadlines.
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