toc.pdfA. Table of Contents 
certification.institution.pdfB. Certification of the Self Study 
abstract.pdfC. Abstract of the Self Study 
organization.study.pdfD. Organization of the Self Study 
background.pdfE. Descriptive Background and Demographics 
organizational.chart.pdfF. Organization of the Institution 
certification.compliance.pdfG. Certification of Continued Compliance 
response_to_97.pdfH. Responses to Recommendations of the 1997 Visiting Team 
standard1.pdfI. Standard 1: Institutional Mission 
standard2.pdfJ. Standard 2: Institutional Integrity 
standard3.pdfK. Standard 3: Institutional Effectiveness 
standard4.pdfL. Standard 4: Educational Programs 
standard5.pdfM. Standard 5: Student Support and Development 
standard6.pdfN. Standard 6: Information and Learning Systems 
standard7.pdfO. Standard 7: Faculty and Staff 
standard8.pdfP. Standard 8: Physical Resources 
standard9.pdfQ. Standard 9: Financial Resources 
standard10.pdfR. Standard 10: Governance and Administration 
standard11.pdfS. Special Report on Distance Education 
summary.pdfT. Planning Summary 
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