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By having registration when more students are on campus, we hope to provide students with additional services to make their registration a success.

Additionally, School Relations and Outreach and the Counseling and Advisement Center will be visiting local high schools assisting incoming fall students with the registration process, which we are unable to do in July.


No, students can choose to enroll in only one term or both terms. However, students are encouraged to register as soon as possible as some classes fill up quickly.

Drop for non-payment dates are published in the schedule of classes and online.

No, payments for both terms will be staggered so that a student only needs to pay for each term prior to the drop for nonpayment deadline(s) for that term.


Students can begin making payments for the earlier term first. Typically, payments for the later term will begin after the start of the earlier term.

Students will begin receiving drop for non-payment reminders via email for each term separately.


Yes, the student will be able to enroll for the later term class that requires passing a prerequisite class as long the student is enrolled in the prerequisite class in the earlier term.


If the student fails the prerequisite class, the Admissions and Records Office will administratively drop the student from the later term class prior to the start of the next term and the student will then be able to register to repeat the failed course.


The student information system assumes that all students currently enrolled in a class will pass the class. Therefore, the student can register for the subsequent class, but cannot enroll to repeat a class they may be failing until the final grade posts.

Students who are not passing a class and wish to use their priority registration appointment to register for the same class should consider dropping the class with a "W." If it is too late to drop the class with a "W," the student will need to wait until the instructor submits the final grades for the class.

Note: For example, a strategy for students who are currently enrolled for a class they are failing in spring and want to repeat the class in summer and take the next level class in fall: register for the fall class during their priority registration period and as soon as their substandard grade posts for the spring class, try to register to repeat the class in summer.


Students should follow their Student Educational Plan (SEP) when registering for courses. If they need to update their SEP, students should make an appointment to review their SEP with a counselor.


Financial Aid is available for both summer and fall terms and students currently receiving financial aid for spring do not need to reapply to receive financial aid in summer. However, in order to receive financial aid for fall, students need to complete the next year FAFSA/CCPG/Dream Act. Please visit the financial aid website​ for additional information.


Students who are not currently receiving financial aid can still apply to receive financial aid by completing the FAFSA/CCPG/Dream Act. The financial aid deadline for a FAFSA/Dream Act is June 15, and June 30 for CCPG.


Students who may be AB 540 will need to turn in to the Admissions and Records Office a target letter, a copy of their high school transcript and submit the AB 540 form so that they can be exempted from the first summer drop for nonpayment. After their high school graduation and before the second drop for nonpayment deadline, the students will need to bring an updated high school transcript showing their graduation date.


Parking deadlines vary by term. Please consult your portal for additional information.


Upon running standing for spring in mid-June, students on probation receive a hold that prevents them from adding/dropping any additional classes.

 To remove the hold, students must complete a probation workshop. Students who registered before spring standing was run will be allowed to keep their summer classes.

Because students on probation are not allowed to enroll in more than 13 units in fall, students who were enrolled in 13 or more units at the time probation is run will get a second hold that will require the student to see a counselor. The counselor will assist the student in reducing their coursework.


Students who register before spring standing is run will be allowed to keep their classes for summer, but will need to successfully complete the appeal process to keep their fall classes.

In addition, reinstated students may be required to reduce the number of units they are enrolled in. Students who don't appeal or whose appeal is denied will be administratively dropped from their fall classes.


​Whenever registration problems arise (e.g. errors with appointments, prerequisites, course repetition), please contact the Registrar, Brian Dean at (626) 914-8597, or the Admissions Coordinator, Barry Kuan at (626) 914-8502. Please make sure you have your student ID number, CRN, and error message with you when you contact the Admissions and Records Office.

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