Housed in over 60,000 square feet, the Entertainment Technology Complex at Citrus College is a technically superior facility. This performing arts complex includes three recording arts studios, two mixing suites, post-production facilities, a video production facility, and a full dance and drama studio. It is the perfect location for live production and performance.

Haugh Performing Arts Center entry 

Haugh Performing Arts Center
The majestic Haugh Performing Arts Center is the heart of the entertainment complex. In addition, there is a working production facility with the technology to support all artistic endeavors. The performing arts center is the ideal setting for theatrical productions, concerts and recitals. As a scoring stage, the center ranks among the finest in Southern California.

The 1,440-seat performing arts center is host to over 130 performing annually with over 100,000 patrons in attendance. The state-of-the-art facility has been rented for pageants, church services and graduations.

For additional information o the specifications, equipment and rental of the Haugh Performing Arts Center, please go to Leasing the Haugh Performing Arts Center.

Music and Recording Technology 

Audio Production Center
The audio facility consists of three studios. Studio A hosts up to a 40-piece orchestra and Studio B seats 20 musicians. Both rooms offer state-of-the-art consoles and have an exceptional compliment of microphones and outboard gear. Additionally, the HPAC Scoring Stage can accommodate over 100 musicians for musical extravaganzas.

Since opening in 1999, the Audio Production Center has established an impressive client list, and world-renowned composers have worked in the facility, finding it a productive and inspiring place to produce music.

For additional information on the specifications, equipment and rental of the recording arts studios, please go to Citrus College Recording Arts Program.