Associate Dean Career Technical Education.pdfAssociate Dean Career Technical Education2/24/2017 3:27 PM44 KB  
Associate Director Fiscal Services.pdfAssociate Director Fiscal Services9/15/2015 2:42 PM44 KB  
Associate Director of Facilities and Construction.pdfAssociate Director of Facilities and Construction8/8/2017 10:30 AM31 KB  
Chief Information Services Officer.pdfChief Information Services Officer12/14/2016 11:04 AM49 KB  
Dean - Career, Technical and Continuing Education 08-2017.pdfDean - Career, Technical and Continuing Education8/30/2017 12:43 PM85 KB  
062014 Dean Academic Affairs.pdfDean Academic Affairs6/23/2014 10:55 AM47 KB  
Dean of Enrollment Services.pdfDean of Enrollment Services5/24/2017 4:44 PM44 KB  
Dean of Students.pdfDean of Students9/15/2015 2:41 PM43 KB  
Director for Student Support Services.pdfDirector for Student Support Services2/1/2017 1:13 PM121 KB  
062014 Director of Communications.pdfDirector of Communications6/23/2014 10:55 AM117 KB  
062014 Director of EOPS CARE and CalWORKs.pdfDirector of EOPS CARE and CalWORKs6/23/2014 10:56 AM44 KB  
062014 Director of Facilities and Construction.pdfDirector of Facilities and Construction6/23/2014 10:56 AM45 KB  
062014 Director of Financial Aid.pdfDirector of Financial Aid6/23/2014 10:56 AM44 KB  
062014 Director of Fiscal Services.pdfDirector of Fiscal Services7/22/2015 12:48 PM45 KB  
Director of Foundation.pdfDirector of Foundation5/3/2017 9:45 AM124 KB  
062014 Director of Grant Project Race to STEM.pdfDirector of Grant Project Race to STEM6/23/2014 10:57 AM45 KB  
Director of Haugh Performing Arts Center.pdfDirector of Haugh Performing Arts Center5/5/2017 2:32 PM40 KB  
062014 Director of Health Sciences.pdfDirector of Health Sciences6/23/2014 10:57 AM44 KB  
062014 Director of Human Resources.pdfDirector of Human Resources6/23/2014 10:57 AM119 KB  
Director of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness.pdfDirector of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness3/19/2015 9:45 AM67 KB  
062014 Director of Purchasing and Warehouse.pdfDirector of Purchasing and Warehouse6/23/2014 10:58 AM29 KB  
Enterprise Services Manager.pdfEnterprise Services Manager9/7/2017 10:18 AM27 KB  
Executive Director of Communications and External Relations.pdfExecutive Director of Communications and External Relations11/29/2016 5:27 PM36 KB  
062014 Manager of Human Resources_Staff Diversity.pdfManager of Human Resources_Staff Diversity6/23/2014 10:58 AM116 KB  
062014 Vice President of Academic Affairs.pdfVice President of Academic Affairs6/23/2014 10:58 AM39 KB  
062014 Vice President of Finance  Administrative Services.pdfVice President of Finance  Administrative Services6/23/2014 10:59 AM103 KB  
062014 Vice President of Student Services.pdfVice President of Student Services6/23/2014 10:59 AM38 KB