Citrus College engages in program review throughout the institution to ensure responsiveness to the needs of the college community and to ensure students the opportunity to achieve outcomes in areas of institutional core competencies. Toward this end, the following institutional activities occur:

  • Program review processes are ongoing, systematic and used to assess and improve student learning and achievement.
  • Dialogue about the results of all program reviews is evident throughout the institution as part of discussion of institutional effectiveness.
  • Results of program review are clearly and consistently linked to institutional planning processes and resource allocation processes.
  • The institution reviews and refines its program review processes to improve institutional effectiveness.
  • The results of program review are used to continually refine and improve program practices resulting in appropriate improvements in student achievement and learning.

Program review is conducted annually and on a five-year cycle in these four major areas:

Academic Support Programs (e.g. library, learning center, honors transfer, online education, study abroad, etc.)
Institutional Support Programs (e.g. human resources, technology, research, facilities and construction)
Instructional Programs (e.g. academic disciplines) 
Student Services Programs (e.g. counseling programs and services, admissions and records, EOP&S, DSP&S, etc.)

Program Review Process Timeline for the four major areas

Instructional programs (academic disciplines, career and technical education programs) conduct program review annually. Such programs complete a Program Review Report in the fall of each year. To supplement this, each year, instructional programs complete a report that focuses on broader institutional areas. Programs rotate through the five year cycle, completing each of the "Plus" supplements along the way.

  • Year 1 = Core + Mission
  • Year 2 = Core + Course Curriculum
  • Year 3 = Core + Degrees, Certificates, Transfer, and Employment
  • Year 4 = Core + Program, Degree, and Certificate Learning Outcome Assessment
  • Year 5 = Core + Program Self-Evaluation and Summary

The fifth year report, an overview and summary of previous years' supplements is provided to the Board of Trustees.

Academic support and student services areas conduct program review as identified in the Academic Support Program Review outline.

Institutional support areas conduct program as identified in the Institutional Support Program Review outline.

Institutional Planning and Budgeting – All program reviews are discussed and validated by the Program Review Committee. Resource requests are forwarded through the deans, directors, and the appropriate vice president for consideration in planning and budget processes. Budget requests are forwarded to the Financial Resources Committee for review and recommendation to the Steering Committee. The results of program review are reported to the Steering Committee and Board of Trustees as information.