The commitment of Citrus College is to help students to flourish and to persist until they reach their educational goals. Hence, counseling services monitors the progress of all students and provides follow-up services for those who are undecided about their course of study (major), enrolled in basic skills courses and are on academic and/or progress probation or facing dismissal.

The Student Success and Support Program communicates with students through their Citrus College email accounts so that students are aware of requirements, recommendations, and support services to help them get back on the successful track.

Resources for Success

Students who utilize campus resources from the beginning of their educational journeys are more successful in completing their goals than those who do not. 

In addition to the assessment, orientation and counseling services, here are additional resources to help foster student success:

       • College Success/Early Alert Workshops
       • Online Probation Workshop 
       • Tutorial Services 
       • Math Success Center