AccessingOurCanvasClassfromWithinYourMyCitrusColllegeAccount.pdfAccessing Our Canvas Class from with in your MyCitrusColllege.edu Account2/21/2022 1:20 PM417 KB  
Certificated (Faculty) Full-Time Absence Report.pdfCertificated (Faculty) Full-Time Absence Report3/20/2023 8:05 PM74 KB  
2022-23--CitrusCollege-Calendar.pdfCitrus College 2022-23 Academic Calendar10/15/2021 12:06 PM67 KB  
2023-24--CitrusCollege-Calendar.pdfCitrus College 2023-24 Academic Calendar6/16/2022 1:02 PM63 KB  
2024-25--CitrusCollegeAcademicCalendar.pdfCitrus College 2024-25 Academic Calendar8/1/2023 2:16 PM109 KB  
CitrusCollegeCampusMapAndDirectory-WithMathematicsBuildingShown-AsOf-July2021.pdfCitrus College Campus Map and Directory with Mathematics (MA) Building shown (as of July 2021)8/26/2023 11:49 AM2605 KB  
CitrusCollegeCampusMapAndDirectory-WithMath-MA-AND-Education-ED-AND-PortableUnit-P1-BuildingsShown-AsOf-August2023.pdfCitrus College Campus Map with path from the Mathematics (MA) Building to the Education (ED) Building AND where the Portable Unit "P1" (STEM Center early Fall 2023 temporary location) is located (as of July 2021)8/30/2023 2:32 PM2356 KB  
CitrusCollegeCampusMapAndDirectory-WithMathematics-MA-AndEducation-ED-BuildingsShown-AsOf-August2023-v2.pdfCitrus College Campus Map with path from the Mathematics (MA) Building to the Education (ED) Building shown (as of July 2021)8/27/2023 2:38 PM2326 KB  
CitrusCollegeCampusMapAndDirectory-WithFoodBankLocationShown.pdfCitrus College Campus Map with where the Food Bank is located9/8/2023 1:12 PM2650 KB  
CitrusCollegeCampusMapAndDirectory-WithOwlBookstoreLocationShown.pdfCitrus College Campus Map with where the Owl Bookstore is located9/13/2023 12:22 PM2343 KB  
EarlyAlert-Spring2020Calendar.pdfCitrus College Early Alert - Spring 2020 Calendar2/27/2020 4:04 PM368 KB  
CampusMapEGA-AsOf--1-27-20-Rotated.pdfCitrus College Emergency Locations2/24/2020 9:46 AM759 KB  
CitrusCollegeEvacuationLocationsForVariousBuildings-CampusMap.pdfCitrus College Evacuation Locations superimposed on the Campus Map3/12/2013 11:46 AM516 KB  
Citrus College Instagram Accounts.pdfCitrus College Instagram Accounts3/4/2022 10:10 AM67 KB  
NewCitrusTutorRequestForm.pdfCitrus College Learning Center Tutor Request Form9/9/2013 10:56 AM69 KB  
NewMathBuildingRoomLayOut001.pdfCitrus College MATH BUILDING Map as of 07-06-106/23/2010 12:59 PM57 KB  
MathBuildingLayout-With-MrEsFall-AND-SpringClassroom-MA108--AND--STEM-CENTER-MA129-BothShown.pdfCitrus College MATH BUILDING Map With Mr. E's FALL & SPRING Classroom (MA 108) -AND- STEM Center (MA 129) Shown8/28/2023 2:51 PM1479 KB  
MathBuildingLayout-With-MrEsWinter-AND-SummerClassroom-MA222--AND--STEM-CENTER-MA129-BothShown.pdfCitrus College MATH BUILDING Map With Mr. E's WINTER & SUMMER Classroom (MA 222) -AND- STEM Center (MA 129) Shown5/18/2024 12:04 PM1473 KB  
MathBuildingLayout-With-STEM-CENTER-MA129-Shown.pdfCitrus College MATH BUILDING Map With STEM Center Shown - as of 02-27-232/27/2023 5:13 PM352 KB  
CitrusCollegeMathDepartment2017.pdfCitrus College Math Department Directory - 20174/11/2017 12:36 PM15377 KB  
Citrus College Mathematics Department - 2023.pdfCitrus College Mathematics Department Staff Directory - 20239/1/2023 8:45 AM170 KB  
NEWEST-FALL-2019-SequenceOfMathCourses-PathwaysOnly.pdfCitrus College NEWER FALL 2019 PATHWAYS Sequence of Math Classes2/11/2020 11:51 AM113 KB  
NEWEST-FALL-2019-SequenceOfMathCourses-TraditionalOnly.pdfCitrus College NEWER FALL 2019 TRADITIONAL Sequence of Math Classes2/11/2020 11:52 AM122 KB  
Math-Seq-Pathways-2020.pdfCitrus College NEWEST FALL 2020 PATHWAYS Sequence of Math Classes3/2/2020 9:41 AM1027 KB  
Math-Seq-Traditional-2020.pdfCitrus College NEWEST FALL 2020 TRADITIONAL Sequence of Math Classes3/2/2020 9:42 AM1000 KB  
Math Sequence Fall 2018 (publications version).pdfCitrus College OLD Fall 2018 Mathematics Sequence of Courses8/21/2019 10:26 AM1088 KB  
2016-17 Math Course Sequences.pdfCitrus College OLDER (2016-17) Mathematics Sequence of Courses8/21/2019 10:25 AM103 KB  
2016-MathSequences-CitrusCollege-RotatedAgain.pdfCitrus College OLDER (2016-17) Mathematics Sequence of Courses - sideways8/21/2019 10:24 AM78 KB  
2017-18 Math Course Sequences.pdfCitrus College OLDER (2017-18) Mathematics Sequence of Courses8/21/2019 10:28 AM101 KB  
CitrusCollegeMathSequenceAsOf01-15-14.pdfCitrus College OLDEST (2014) Mathematics Sequence of Courses8/21/2019 10:23 AM392 KB  
CitrusStudentEmailFastFacts.pdfCitrus College Student Email Account Fast Facts1/3/2011 12:47 PM65 KB  
TPP Workshop Flyer 2 (1).pdfCitrus College Teacher Preparation Program Workshop Flyer - Oct. 19th, 20199/25/2019 3:14 PM1782 KB  
CitrusCollegeTuteeResponsibilitySheet.pdfCitrus College Tutee Responsibility Sheet9/1/2009 7:23 PM17 KB  
GuardianAppDoc.pdfCitrus Guardian App Doc2/19/2020 6:40 PM211 KB  
Modified Student COVID Checklist Health Screening.pdfCOVID Checklist Health Screening Form - Students2/19/2022 6:10 PM157 KB  
09 14 11 Emergency Preparedness attachment.pdfEmergency Preparedness9/14/2011 6:45 PM172 KB  
CitrusCollegeSTEMCenterTutoring-TeamsAccessGuide.pdfFall 2020 STEM Center - Linking to Microsoft Tutoring Teams Directions9/21/2020 4:45 PM1258 KB  
MobileFoodPantry-Fall2023-Postcard.pdfFall 2023 Semester - MOBILE FOOD PANTRY ON CAMPUS - Schedule - Postcard9/6/2023 12:53 PM82 KB  
Food and Beverage On-Campus Services for Winter Term 2023.pdfFood and Beverage On-Campus Services for Winter Term 20231/9/2023 12:57 PM207 KB  
GoogleSatelliteViewCitrusCollegeWith210FrwyShown.PNGGoogle Map (Satellite View) of Citrus College with the 210 Freeway Shown2/29/2012 12:00 PM278 KB  
MEMO Resources for Students in Need.pdfMEMO Resources for Students in Need2/24/2023 7:31 PM179 KB  
PolarIntersessionCalendar002.pdfPolar Intersession Calendar6/23/2010 12:58 PM163 KB  
SendingAnEMailUsingTheCanvasEmailUtility.pdfSending an E-mail Using the Canvas E-mail Utility2/21/2022 1:14 PM491 KB  
STEM-Center-RemoteTutoring-GeneralMath.pngSTEM Center - Remote Tutoring - General Math8/27/2022 5:30 PM66 KB  
STEM TRIOFlyer_22-23.pdfSTEM TRiO Flyer 2022-235/3/2023 11:33 AM1853 KB  
SUMMER 2022 - MOBILE FOOD PANTRY ON CAMPUS - Monday July 11th 1-3pm.pdfSUMMER 2022 - MOBILE FOOD PANTRY ON CAMPUS - Monday July 11th 1-3pm6/20/2022 12:27 PM55 KB  
Summer2022--STEM-Center--InPerson-AND-Remote-Tutoring--HOURS-AVAILABLE.pdfSummer 2022 STEM Center - Both In-Person and Remote Tutoring Hours of Availability6/16/2022 1:12 PM50 KB  
Spring2020-STEM-Center-LinkingToMicroSoftTutoringTeams.pdfSummer 2022 STEM Center - Linking to Microsoft Tutoring Teams Directions6/15/2022 6:00 PM1258 KB  
Summer2022--STEM-Center--General Math Flyer.pdfSummer 2022 STEM Center General Math Flyer6/15/2022 6:01 PM423 KB  
Summer2022--STEM-Center--Hours Flyer.pdfSummer 2022 STEM Center Hours of Operation6/15/2022 5:58 PM576 KB  
TropicalTrigonometry-Summer2017Class.JPGTropical Trigonometry - Summer 2017 class8/6/2017 3:12 PM753 KB  
Undocumented Student Resources.pdfUndocumented Student Resources9/1/2023 8:48 AM172 KB  
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