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3-DollarCoin.png$3 (U.S. 3 Dollar) Coin9/19/2023 9:21 AM186 KB  
One--Equals--TheCubeRootOf-2PlusTheSquareRootof5-PLUS-TheCubeRootOf-2MinusTheSquareRootof5.pdf1 =CubeRootOf-2PlusSquareRootof5-PLUS-CubeRootOf-2MinusSquareRootof56/20/2018 12:24 PM101 KB  
1to100NumbersChart.png1 to 100 Natural Numbers Chart9/19/2022 2:15 PM98 KB  
12x12-MultiplicationTable.pdf12x12 Multiplication Table10/9/2013 3:57 PM119 KB  
Two--Equals--TheCubeRootOf-10PlusTheSquareRootof108-PLUS-TheCubeRootOf-10MinusTheSquareRootof108.pdf2 = CubeRootOf-10PlusSquareRootof108-PLUS-CubeRootOf-10MinusSquareRootof1086/20/2018 12:25 PM164 KB  
BinaryChartThrough15.pdfA different way to count... pt.11/5/2016 1:57 AM29 KB  
BinaryChartThrough31.pdfA different way to count... pt.21/5/2016 1:57 AM47 KB  
Base3ChartThrough8.pdfA different way to count... pt.3 (base 3, that is)1/5/2016 1:59 AM27 KB  
Base3ChartThrough26.pdfA different way to count... pt.41/5/2016 2:00 AM30 KB  
DivisibilityBy11-Rules-Proof.pdfDivisibility by 11 Rules - Proof10/4/2019 4:08 PM266 KB  
DivisibilityBy7-Rules-Proof.pdfDivisibility by 7 Rules - Proof10/4/2019 4:07 PM272 KB  
GasPricesLessThanOneDollarPerGallon.jpgGas Prices Less Than 50 cents Per Gallon... Barely!9/19/2022 3:55 PM24 KB  
GeneralizedRadicalEquivalency.doc.pdfGeneralized Radical Equivalency6/20/2018 12:26 PM156 KB  
GreekAlphabet.pdfGreek Alphabet (in old MS Word format)9/1/2009 3:22 PM29 KB  
1851_half_cent_rev.jpgHa'Penny9/19/2023 9:14 AM130 KB  
ItsGreekToMe.pdfIt's Greek to Me3/26/2014 3:51 PM97 KB  
mathback.pdfMath Background9/1/2009 3:22 PM38 KB  
MyTwoCents.jpgMy Two Cents11/26/2019 5:03 PM21 KB  
NestedRegularPentagons-Pentagrams.pdfNested Golden Pentagons/Pentagrams9/1/2009 3:20 PM122 KB  
NestedRadicalEquivalencyFUN.pdfNested Radical Equivalency FUN2/8/2023 5:41 PM61 KB  
NestedRadicalEquivalencyFUN-Example.pdfNested Radical Equivalency FUN - Example2/8/2023 5:42 PM61 KB  
NestedRadicalEquivalencyFUN-Example-NextStep-LandscapeFormat.pdfNested Radical Equivalency FUN - Example - Next Step - Landscape Format2/8/2023 7:09 PM63 KB  
NestedRadicalEquivalencyFUN-NextStep-LandscapeFormat.pdfNested Radical Equivalency FUN - Next Step - Landscape Format2/8/2023 7:08 PM67 KB  
CitrusCollegeMathSequenceAsOf01-15-14.pdfNew Citrus College Mathematics Sequence of Courses1/15/2014 3:07 PM392 KB  
NormalDistributionWorksheet.pdfNormal Distribution Worksheet10/30/2019 9:52 AM205 KB  
CitrusCollegeMathematicsSequenceOfCourses.pdfOld Citrus College Mathematics Sequence of Courses1/15/2014 3:06 PM181 KB  
PatternForTheFractionalMultiplesOfPiForTheMeasurementOfTheInteriorAngleOfARegularPolygonOfNSides-InRadians.pdfPattern for the Fractional Multiples of "pi" for the Measurement of the Interior Angle of a Regular Polygon of "n" Sides - in Radians6/6/2023 4:54 PM868 KB  
PatternForTheFractionalMultiplesOfPiForTheMeasurementOfTheInteriorAngleOfARegularPolygonOfNSides-InRadians.xlsxPattern for the Fractional Multiples of "pi" for the Measurement of the Interior Angle of a Regular Polygon of "n" Sides - in Radians6/6/2023 4:54 PM128 KB  
PumpkinPiPic3-CSUF-Halloween2008.JPGPumpkin Pi11/26/2019 5:02 PM4010 KB  
a-cubed-PLUS-b-cubed-EQUALS-d-cubed-MINUS-c-cubed.pdfPythagorean Quadruples Cube Fun6/20/2018 12:39 PM177 KB  
QuotientConjugateRelationships.pdfQuotient Conjugate Relationships1/28/2010 12:24 AM52 KB  
TI-GraphingCalculatorScreenResolutions--AND---XStep-and-YStepFormulas.pdfTI - Graphing Calculator Screen Resolutions--AND---XStep-and-YStep Formulas6/20/2018 12:11 PM192 KB  
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