Velocity, Linear vs Angular + Gears.gspCalculus In Motion - Velocity, Linear vs Angular + Gears - (Requires GSP - Geometer's Sketchpad)6/16/2022 8:03 PM57 KB  
TrigonometryUnitCircle.gspCalculus In Motion Unit Circle - (Requires GSP - Geometer's Sketchpad)6/16/2022 7:59 PM176 KB  
MrEsUnitCircleV2.gspMr. E's Unit Circle - v2 (Requires GSP - Geometer's Sketchpad)6/16/2022 7:42 PM4 KB  
MrEsUnitCircle.gspMr. E's Unit Circle (Requires GSP - Geometer's Sketchpad)6/16/2022 7:41 PM4 KB  
SimpleUnitCircle.gspSimple Unit Circle (Requires GSP - Geometer's Sketchpad)6/16/2022 7:58 PM2 KB  
TrigFlashCards-UnitCircleOrderedPairsForTheCommonAngleMeasurementsInRadians.pdfTrigonometry Flash Cards - Unit Circle Ordered Pairs for the Common Angle Measurements in Radians6/16/2022 4:09 PM387 KB  
UnitCircle-AnglesAndSpecialPoints-v2.gspUnit Circle - Angles and Special Points - v2 (Requires Geometer's Sketchpad - GSP)6/16/2022 4:33 PM15 KB  
UnitCircleFun.gspUnit Circle Fun (Requires Geometer's Sketchpad - GSP)6/16/2022 4:33 PM14 KB  
UnitCircle-AnglesOnly.pngUnitCircleQuiz-Part1--UnitCircle-AnglesOnly3/21/2017 8:16 PM157 KB  
UnitCircle-AnglesAndSpecialPoints.pngUnitCircleQuiz-Part2--UnitCircle-AnglesAndSpecialPoints6/16/2022 4:31 PM227 KB  
What-Mode-Is-Your-Calculator-In--DEGREESorRADIANS.mp4What Mode is your Calculator in? DEGREES or RADIANS?6/16/2022 8:12 PM6620 KB  
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