The minutes below are provided in portable document format (PDF) files. If you find you are unable to access the file, contact Angie Alvarez, CTE division administrative assistant, at, and you will be provided with a compliant/accessible version.

Additionally, inquire with Angie Alvarez, CTE division administrative assistant, at, for missing minutes.

​Please note: Some career and technical education program areas will not have minutes reflected for the 2020 year, as that was the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic year. Some councils did not convene.

09.29.2022.pdf2022 09 29 Real Estate Advisory Council 
05.10.2021.pdf2021 05 10 Real Estate Advisory Council 
09.11.2020.pdf2020 09 11 Real Estate Advisory Council 
11.16.2018.pdf2018 11 16 Business, Accounting and Real Estate Advisory Council 
06.08.2012.pdf2012 06 08 Business-CSIS Advisory Council 
06.10.2011.pdf2011 06 10 Business-CSIS Advisory Council 
06.05.2009.pdf2009 06 05 Business-CSIS Advisory Council 
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