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Cathrine Besancon 

Art History Faculty
B.A., University of California, Los Angeles
M.A. Ph.D., University of Southern California
(626) 914-4118
VA 126

I'm Dr. Cathrine 'Catie' Besancon. Since 2016, I've taught in the arts program at Citrus College and since 2019 for the honors transfer program. A Southern California native, I received my bachelor of arts from UCLA and my master's and Ph.D. in art history from USC.

I have taught extensively at various schools (universities, liberal arts, and community colleges), which informs my honors curriculum. I want to ensure my students have the necessary skills to transition from Citrus College to a four-year university.

In my classes, I try to expose students to various approaches to art history — covering topics including culture, gender, politics, race, and religion — and challenge students to engage with the materials. For my honors classes, I "flip" the classroom experience, where lectures are viewed online, and while in the physical classroom, we focus on developing skills and group discussions. Please email me if you have any questions about my honors classes or art history!

updated July 6, 2023

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