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Laura Wills, MA, MSW

Laura Wills

Laura Wills began her academic life as a student at Mt. San Antonio College, where she became interested in anthropology after taking several introductory courses and discovering anthropology is not only the study of ancient relics, fossils or past cultures - as many believe - but also a study that examines present humanity and at times makes predictions about our future. Laura transferred to California State University, Fullerton where she focused her interests on biomedical anthropology: a discipline that examines the biocultural impact on our behaviors and health. She received her bachelor of arts and master of arts degrees from CSU Fullerton. Laura's graduate research analyzed how socioeconomic levels affected stress and cardiovascular health among certain populations. After receiving her master of arts in anthropology, Laura then went on to receive a master of social work (MSW). Currently, apart from teaching, she works as a licensed mental health therapist. In addition to her careers, Laura also enjoys traveling, tinkering on music instruments and trying to understand the how and why of internet phenomena, such as the virality of memes.

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