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Real Estate Program at Citrus College

​​​​​​​The Certificate in Real Estate Salesperson License is in preparation for the California Real Estate Salesperson's License and Broker's License. The real estate program is designed for those interested in careers in real estate or for professionals wishing to upgrade their skills. The program offers skill awards for the Real Estate Salesperson and certificates for the Real Estate Broker.

The Skill Award in Real Estate (Real Estate Salesperson) provides students with the coursework required by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) for qualification to take the real estate salesperson license examination. Completion of the Real Estate Certificate (Real Estate Broker) provides coursework that meets the DRE educational requirements ​for real estate broker licensure in California.

Real Estate Program

The Real Estate program at Citrus College involves the study of California real estate principles, practices, procedures, and law. It offers courses mandated by the California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE) to prepare those who ​desire a career in real estate.​

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Course Descriptions​

Check out the course descriptions to see what is taught, enabling students to be able to demonstrate proficiency in the core knowledge required for the California Bureau of Real Estate examination for real estate sales and real estate broker licenses.

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​​Citrus College offers a Fast Track option for Sales Agents​​
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Citrus College Business Department

​For more information about the Business Department faculty, business related student clubs​, and​ the ​skill awards and certificates offered in the Business Department at Citrus College, click on the "more details" button below.​​

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Applying for this Program

​It's easy to start the program. Apply to the college, then register for one or more classes online. You may also contact Admissions and Records at (626) 914-8511. Please refer to fees and tuition information​ for specifics on college tuition ​costs. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. You may also call the Financial Aid Office​ at (626) 914-8592.​

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Real Estate Program at Citrus College