StandardI.IV.pdfACCJC Standard I - IV Cross Review 
AccredFollowUpTimeline.pdfAccreditation: Follow-Up Report Process and Timeline 
EvalFedRegsChecklist.pdfChecklist for Evaluating Compliance with Federal Regulations and Related Commission Policies, June 2016 
16-17Catalog-260.pdfCitrus College Catalog 2016-2017, page 260 
16-17Catalog-257-258.pdfCitrus College Catalog 2016-2017, pages 257-258 
16-17Catalog-258-259.pdfCitrus College Catalog 2016-2017, pages 258-259 
Co-leadSurvey10.29.2015.pdfCo-Lead Survey, October 29, 2015 
Accred2015ContextualTable.pdfContextual Index of Recommendations and Concerns 
Deans-04.13.2016.pdfDeans' Council Meeting Notes, April 13, 2016 
Deans-02.10.2016.pdfDeans' Council Meeting Notes, February 10, 2016 
Deans-03.23.2016.pdfDeans' Council Meeting Notes, March 23, 2016 
I-Set-Actual.pdfInstitution-set Standard vs. Actual Achievement as reported in 2014, 2015, 2016 ACCJC Annual Reports 
I-SetStandardsIEC.03.28.2016.pdfInstitution-Set Standards for IEC Meeting on March 28, 2016 
Mapping05.13.2016.pdfMapping Objectives and Strategies, May 13, 2016 
ReaffirmationACCJCLetter.02.05.2016.pdfReaffirmation ACCJC Letter, February 5, 2016 
StudentComplaintForm.pdfStudent Complaint Form 
StudentGrievanceForm.pdfStudent Grievance Form 
ALO-OutreachTable.pdfTable of ALO and Co-chair Outreach to Constituencies Regarding ACCJC Action Letter and Response 
ThirdPartyCommentForm.pdfThird Party Comment Form 
TrainingPacketFall2016.pdfTraining Packet, Fall 2016 
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