CHPReport.pdfCHP Inspection Report 
ConstructionPlan10.pdfCitrus CCD Five Year Construction Plan 2010 
ConstructionPlan2011.pdfCitrus CCD Five Year Construction Plan 2011 
ConstructionPlan12.pdfCitrus CCD Five Year Construction Plan 2012 
ConstructionPlan13.pdfCitrus CCD Five Year Construction Plan 2013 
ConstructionPlan14.pdfCitrus CCD Five Year Construction Plan 2014 (for 2016-2017) 
ConstructionIndex.pdfCitrus CCD Five Year Construction Plan Index 
Report 17.10-2010.pdfCitrus CCD Report 17 (2010-10.07) 
Report17.09-2011.pdfCitrus CCD Report 17 (2011-09.28) 
Report 17.10-2012.pdfCitrus CCD Report 17 (2012.10-17) 
Report17.2014.pdfCitrus CCD Report 17 (2014-2015) 
EdFacMPAssessment2014.pdfEd Fac Master Plan Assessment Table, Spring 2014 
EmerLogMemo.pdfEmergency Drill Log Memo 
EIO022015.pdfEmergency Information Officers (EIO) Staff, version 7.6, February 2015 
EOCOrg02-2015.pdfEmergency Operations Center Organizational Chart, version 7.2, February 2015 
EmergencyPlan.pdfEmergency Plan 
PreventativeSchedule.pdfFacilities Preventative Maintenance Schedule 
FixIt2014.pdfFixIt Log 2014 
ImplePlan-CoverTOC.pdfImplementation Plan - Cover Page and Table of Contents 
Keenan2014.pdfKeenan SWACC Audit 2014 
Keenan2009-2012.pdfKeenan SWACC Audits 2009-2012 
Fire2013-2014.pdfLA County Fire Inspection 2013-2014 
ReportCertification2012-13.pdfReport 17 Certification Page 2012-13 
17Index-2010-15.pdfReport 17 Inventory Report Index 2010-2015 
Spr14DrillMemo.pdfSpring 2014 Emergency Drill Summary Memo to Dr  Perri 
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