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  1. Conduct regular meetings to identify new technologies, discuss improvements to current technology, and their applications to the college community. (III.C.1, III.C.2)

  2. Provide guidance and feedback regarding technology options related to current and developing campus initiatives. (III.C.2)

  3. Provide information about technology training options available on campus and online. (III.C.5)

  4. Ensure continued support of remote operations, teaching and learning that is responsive to emerging needs. (III.C.2, III.C.3)

  5. Assess and respond to students' technology needs in face-to-face and online classes post-pandemic. (III.C.1, III.C.3)

  6. Providing ongoing technology support for public health initiatives and requirements related to vaccines and contact tracing. (III.C.1)

  7. Research, inform, and provide guidance for remote work policies and procedures. (III.C.5)

​CITC meets monthly on the second Monday of the month from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.


Chief Information Services Officer (chair)

Enterprise Systems Supervisor (alternate chair)

Technology Operations and Support Services Supervisor (alternate chair)

Dean of Counseling Programs and Services

Dean of Career, Technical and Continuing Education

Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Online Education

Director of Fiscal Services (or designee)

Director of Human Resources (or designee)

Director of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness (or designee)

Executive Director of Communications and External Relations

Supervisor of Online Education/Library Services

Management Team representative

Supervisor/Confidential representative

Faculty representative(s)

Classified representative(s)

Associated Students of Citrus College (ASCC) representative(s)

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