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The 2016-2017 Citrus College Research in Science and Engineering (RISE) teams are: the Rocket Owls, Galactic Owls and Rocketry and Robotics teams.

Vision: Citrus Research in Science and Engineering (RISE) will work toward ensuring that all Citrus students who are interested and committed to enrich their education with team-based, year-long research projects culminating with intercollegiate competitions in STEM fields gain such experience. In addition, RISE will create opportunities for participant students to make their work public and to become active participants in increasing STEM awareness throughout the community by conducting presentations and facilitating hands-on workshops for K-8 students.

The mission of the RISE program at Citrus College is to assist students in:
• Identifying projects based on what they are passionate about
• Defining research goals
• Working toward accomplishing their research goals
• Presenting and publishing research findings
• Spreading their knowledge and passion about science and engineering to the community
• Seeking funding for their research and outreach efforts

California Space Grant Consortium
Citrus College Foundation
Citrus College RACE to STEM
Citrus College Natural and Physical Science Department
Glendora Education Foundation
Popla International Inc.
University of Southern California Pulsed Power Research
Timothy J. Ferguson, M.D.
Rosalinda and Leigh Buchwald

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For more information about the Citrus College RISE program, please contact Dr. Lucia Riderer, RISE faculty advisor,