In addition to providing general safety and protection, Campus Safety officers may perform the following services on college district property only under the following circumstances.

  1. Render first aid when the Student Health Center is closed
  2. Provide lost and found property services
  3. Assist in starting vehicles by jumpstarting dead batteries
  4. Open locked vehicles (upon proper identification by owner)
  5. Provide escort services for staff and students
  6. Provide directions and information regarding campus facilities and events
  7. Direct a contingent of Campus Safety assistants
  8. Write incident reports of crimes and unusual occurrences which take place on campus

Campus Safety Emergency: (626) 914-8611
Campus Safety Parking Information: (626) 914-8611
Student Health Services: (626) 914-8671

The office is closed on Saturday and Sunday, but the officers are on patrol throughout the campus. You can contact them from your cell phone at (626) 914-8611.