Citrus College is committed to shared and participatory governance principles, designed to guide wise decision-making supporting the college's mission and strategic goals. This governance philosophy is based upon five pillars of shared decision-making, all of which must be present for effective governance. These pillars are:

Shared Vision
Shared Engagement
Shared Respect
Shared Information
Shared Risk

It is fundamental to the health of the college that our decision-making bodies operate in a culture of shared vision, engagement, mutual respect, and information sharing. These conditions will allow us to move into the future with confidence and to make wise decisions that will benefit our students and our community.

Persons interested in learning more about governance at Citrus College are invited to review the Organization and Governance Handbook for more detailed information.

 Governance Areas

Board of Trustees is composed of elected officials who are responsible for formally setting policy for the district.     board website
    board minutes
    policies and procedures

Steering Committee is the major participatory governance body of Citrus College charged with advancing the mission and objectives of the institution through broad-based participation in the decision-making process.     steering website
    steering minutes

Standing Committees of Steering are established by the Steering Committee Constitution to ensure that all campus constituencies have a voice in various activities of ongoing importance to the continued growth and improvement of the college.

Educational Programs Committee
College Information Technology Committee
Financial Resources Committee
Human Resources/Staff Diversity Committee
Institutional Effectiveness Committee
Institutional Research and Planning Committee
Physical Resources Committee
Program Review Committee
Student Services Committee

     epc minutes
     citc minutes
     frc minutes
     hrc minutes
     iec minutes
     irpc minutes
     prc minutes
     program review minutes 
     ssc minutes

Academic Senate exists to ensure the democratic participation of the faculty in shared governance activities and in academic and professional matters.     senate website
    senate minutes
    curriculum minutes

Associated Students of Citrus College (ASCC) is the student governance arm of the college, to guarantee a republican form of student government and to provide effective student representation in the college's shared governance activities.      ascc website
     ascc minutes