The division of Student Affairs provides high quality experiences that compliment and enhance the unlimited opportunities for student involvement, leadership, and personal exploration while promoting a college environment that is respectful, safe, inclusive, and collegial.

Student Affairs staff work collaboratively to advance student learning and facilitate personal growth through programs, services, resources, activities and facilities for each student.

We encourage you to become familiar with, and access, our services.

ASCC, Student Government Campus Center (CC) Building, Room 127 (626) 914-8610
Campus Safety/Parking Campus Safety (CS) Building (626) 914-8611
Owl Bookstore Bookstore (BK) Building (626) 914-8620
Owl Café Campus Center (CC) Building (lower level) (626) 914-8615
School Relations and Outreach Student Services (SS) Building, Room 212 (626) 914-4162
Student Conduct and Discipline Campus Center (CC) Building, Room 110 (626) 914-8601
Student Health Center Student Services (SS) Building, Room 8671 (626) 914-8671
Student Life and Leadership Campus Center (CC) Building, Room 111 (626) 914-8603
Veterans Program Hayden Hall (HH) Building, Room 756 (626) 852-6421