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Anthony Giammalva

Anthony Giammalva

Anthony Giammalva grew up in Azusa and Glendora, and he attended Citrus College right after high school. Anthony graduated from Citrus College in 2011 and transferred to San Jose State University where, in 2013, he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. In 2015, Anthony completed his Master of Science in College Counseling and Student Development from Azusa Pacific University. Anthony has been an adjunct counselor at Citrus College since 2015. His experience has been serving international students, students majoring in STEM and career technical education. Anthony is more than happy to assist you with your career goals.

Updated 11.02.2021


Justina Rivadeneyra

Justina Rivadeneyra

My name is Justina Rivadeneyra. I am one of the counselors working with students in the career technical education (CTE) department, which includes administration of justice and correctional science.

I have worked at Citrus College for 20 years in a number of positions helping guide students into the teaching profession, including working with students in the EOPS program, and serving as the Career/Transfer Center coordinator helping build bridges with four-year universities. In my current position as the a CTE counselor, I work closely with instructional faculty to guide and prepare students for the workforce in high-demand careers.

Prior to Citrus College, I spent a decade onboarding students to at Cal State University San Bernardino where I worked in the admissions and records and recruitment office. I also served as the international admissions evaluator where I learned about the educational systems around the world and met students from all over the globe. This was one of the highlights of the job. I love learning and meeting people from different cultures.

As a counselor, my passion is to empower students to reach their full potential. I help them discover what energizes them about life and then use that information to find meaningful work. I love witnessing those "a-ha" moments when the puzzle pieces finally come together. I'm privileged to be there for students when they need assurance and professional guidance as they identify and pursue their dream jobs. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey. I look forward to meeting you in person or virtually. Make your appointment today.

Updated 11.01.2021

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