Accordion Content

​Communication (personal expression and information acquisition)
Demonstrate an ability to write clearly and accurately about the criminal justice process using an appropriate vocabulary

Creative, Critical, and Analytical Thinking
Demonstrate critical and analytical thinking about issues in the administration of justice system
Demonstrate an ability to evaluate emerging case law and landmark decisions of the courts

Community/Global Consciousness and Responsibility
Demonstrate a comprehension and appreciation of the connections, contributions, experiences, and potential conflicts of various ethnicities, races, and genders as they interact with the criminal justice components

Demonstrate an awareness of sciences and emerging technologies as it impacts the administration of justice components

Discipline / Criminal Justice
Demonstrate an understanding of the administration of justice system and how the student as an individual understands career opportunities in the field as well as individual / community rights and responsibilities
Demonstrate an awareness of crime causation, roles of the components of the administration of justice system, and social and economic impact of crime on society

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