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Online Education at Citrus College

​​​​​​​​​​​​Online education refers to instruction that is delivered to students at a distance from their instructor, normally by computer via the Internet.

Advantages of Online Courses

These credit courses are a convenient alternative to on-campus classes for students who live out of the local area, have transportation issues, physical limitations, or family/work responsibilities that interfere with attending classes on campus. Oftentimes, students enroll in online education courses as a way to advance toward their degree, while simultaneously working and/or taking care of their families.

For more information about the online education program at Citrus College, review the links below. Topics covered include online​ courses currently offered, an orientation, answers to frequently asked questions, how to best utilize Canvas Learning Management System​, and information about how to contact the online education ​office.

Click here to log in to Canvas​​

California Community College​s Online Education Initiative (OEI) Interactive Student Readiness Tutorials​​​

Out-of-State Mailing Address

Federal state authorization regulations require the placement of registration holds on students who have a mailing address in another state. The registration hold placed on those students will remain in effect until the student updates their mailing address to a California address. Students may use the student update form to request an address change.​

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Online Education at Citrus College