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Citrus Club Advisors Round Table

This workshop will bring seasoned, new, and potential advisors together to outline the workings of Citrus College student organizations, highlight the duties of advisors, address common issues, and identify new areas of participation and collaboration. Please join us for this lively open discussion.
Facilitators: Mr. Art Corral, completion specialist, Promise Program; Ms. Raquel Gutierrez, STEM counselor; Dr. Denise Kaisler, physics and astronomy faculty
Location: CI 159
Audience: Classified professionals and faculty
Recorded: No

Demystifying Noncredit/Adult Education

We will discuss the noncredit/adult education program main characteristics and offerings. The program offers free classes that build student confidence, provide valuable preparation for future careers and educational opportunities, and increase equitable access to career development, education and vocational training. Insight will be provided into noncredit mirrored courses and certificates.
Facilitators: Ms. Dania Rosales-Fernandez, noncredit ESL faculty/coordinator, and Ms. Ivon Mc Craven, director of continuing education
Location: LH 101
Audience: All employees
Recorded: Yes

POP Art: Selection for the Fredrick R. Weisman Collection

The session will guide you through the show "Pop Art - Selections from the Frederick R. Weisman Foundation Collection." Presentation will include a history of the collection, and a guided curated tour of the current show in the Citrus College Art Gallery. Learn how to use the art gallery, specifically this show, as a learning tool in the classroom.
*Limited capacity of 20 attendees per breakout session. Reserve your seat at https://form.jotform.com/240285168677164
Facilitators: Dr. Catie Besancon, Ms. Dyane Duffy, and Mr. Michael Hillman, visual arts faculty
Location: VA Art Gallery
Audience: All employees
Recorded: Yes

Small Steps to Improving Accessibility: Reviewing Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF Documents

Want to make your documents more accessible to students and your coworkers but don't know where to start? Join this hands-on workshop to learn tips on modifying your existing documents to be more easily read by screen readers or people with low vision. Bring your own documents on a flash drive if you want to try out the accessibility tools in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat®, or work with the examples given, including revising a syllabus.
Facilitator: Ms. Gwen Harris, faculty schedule/catalog analyst
Location: LI 118
Audience: All employees
Recorded: Yes

Student Services Open House

The student services office extends a warm invitation to faculty and staff for an open house hosted by various student services programs on campus. This event provides an excellent opportunity to explore the many programs and services available to our students, including several new initiatives introduced in recent years. The objective is to foster personal connections between employees and these programs, aiming to enhance student awareness and promote increased participation, ultimately strengthening access to and understanding of vital student support services.
Facilitator: Dr. Elaine Lipiz Gonzalez, dean of counseling programs and services; Dr. Gerald Sequeira, dean of enrollment services, and Dr. Maryann Tolano-Leveque, dean of students
Location: Student Services Building
Audience: All employees
Recorded: No

The Wheres, Hows, and Whys of Using Social Media in Education

Social media gives us unique opportunities to connect with others. It's awesome and scary because, as great as social media can be, each platform has hidden pitfalls. So, where, and how, and why, to start? This session — for both newbies and experts alike — will give you the tools to start and build a social media presence to help drive fulfilling professional connections.
Facilitator: Mr. Patrick Schmiedt, journalism faculty and student media advisor
Location: LH 103
Audience: All employees
Recorded: Yes

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