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Explore the types of universities you are interested in transferring to by researching online, going on campus tours, talking to alumni, and attending a Citrus College transfer fair.

As you explore, ask yourself the following questions:
• Is your major offered? Are there internships or other opportunities related to your major?
• What size school do you prefer? What about class sizes?
• How far are you willing to travel/move? Do you prefer an urban/rural/suburban area?
• What is the net price, and what are the financial aid options?


In addition to transfer requirements, you will want to get ready for your major by taking "lower division major preparation."

By taking these courses at Citrus, you will save time, energy, and money. Also, in some cases, these courses may be required or will make you a more competitive applicant. Visit for more information on major preparation for UCs and CSUs.


Attend as many transfer related workshops and events as possible.

Transfer events such as college fairs and application workshops are designed to make you aware of your options and help you successfully transfer.

For a full list of workshops and events, visit the CTC Calendar of Events.


Schedule an appointment today to get your questions answered and learn more about the university.

For a list of upcoming university representative visits, check the university representative schedule.


Get experience related to your major or career interests.

Participating in internships, volunteer work, student clubs, and research are extremely valuable. These experiences will not only help prepare you for your career, they will make you a more well-rounded and competitive applicant for transfer. For more information, see the CTC's Job/Internship Guides.

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