The items presented below are available to download as PDF files. Please note the file size before committing to download on your device. Additionally, the files below are heavily graphic-based (photos, images, graphs) and may not be ADA-compliant. If you have difficulty downloading or viewing these files, please contact Monica Hernandez at, and you will be provided with an accessible version.

agomez.pdfAlexander Gomez : Is Your Citrus Safe? An Introduction to Huanglongbing Disease1553 KB  
aswindle.pdfArianna Swindle : The Function of the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)1423 KB  
esosa.pdfEdmarck Sosa : Control and Automation of a Cryostat for Gravitational-Wave Optic Experiment1110 KB  
gavalos.pdfGabriela Avalos : What Are the Negative Effects of Phytophthora at California Botanic Garden Nursery1865 KB  
krojas.pdfKaren Valencia Rojas : Land and Ocean Coupling Associated with Tropical Cyclones634 KB  
kgoostrey.pdfKatherine Goostrey : ICP-OES Risk Assessment of Heavy Metal Content in Consumed Seaweed Sold by United States Retailer876 KB  
krivera.pdfKevin Rivera : Collaboration between Multiple UAVs for Fire Detection and Suppression522 KB  
lesperiquette1.pdfLuke Esperiquette : Correlation between UAV-based Remote Ground-Truth Data for Strawberry Plants1636 KB  
lesperiquette2.pdfLuke Esperiquette : Sensor Network Forestry Fire Detection System843 KB  
lkattee.pdfLukman Kattee : Testing the Role of Maternal Haploid in the Jewel Wasp524 KB  
oliviahernandez.pdfOlivia Hernandez : Mean Cell Volume Estimation710 KB  
oscarhernandez.pdfOscar Hernandez and Victor Chen : Feasibility of Ammonia-assisted Combustion Using Pulser Technology313 KB  
pkapoor.pdfPragati Kapoor : Labeling Compliance, Species Identification, and Short-Weighting of Shrimp Sold in Southern California263 KB  
rwang.pdfRachel Wang : Using EEG to Classify Like and Dislike Decisions from Visual Stimuli718 KB  
rreyes.pdfRichard Reyes : The Aurora Activities in the South Pole for 15 years1128 KB  
xestey.pdfXenia Estey : Lunar Instrumentation for Subsurface Thermal Exploration with Rapidity738 KB  
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