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Folder: 01-1415 Energy Service Contract01-1415 Energy Service Contract9/18/2014 11:01 AM 
Folder: 02-0809 Administration Building Renovation02-0809 Administration Building Renovation10/26/2011 1:08 PM 
Folder: 03-1112 District-wide Roofing Project03-1112 District-wide Roofing Project4/3/2015 10:32 AM 
Folder: 03-1213 Dental Modernization Project03-1213 Dental Modernization Project4/21/2014 9:47 AM 
Folder: 05-0506 Fine Arts Complex05-0506 Fine Arts Complex5/19/2014 8:44 AM 
Folder: 06-1314 Energy Service Contract06-1314 Energy Service Contract2/18/2014 9:36 AM 
Field Contract terms and conditions for Services Under $15000 _2_.pdfField Contract Terms and Conditions6/5/2013 2:02 PM 
LocationofPurchasingOffice.pdfMap - Location of Purchasing Office5/2/2013 2:46 PM 
Citrus RFP Sustainability Plan Template.pdfRFP 2011-01 Sustainability Plan Template3/8/2011 8:35 AM 
stop-notice-flow-chart.pdfStop Notice Flow Chart8/6/2012 10:05 AM