The Counseling and Advisement Center counseling staff provides a variety of counseling services including educational planning, career counseling, transfer counseling, and personal counseling to help students make informed choices.

Counselors assist with long-range planning and checking specific requirements so that students meet graduation requirements, course prerequisites, and requirements for transfer to four-year colleges or universities.

 Online Services

Online Orientation Workshops – The online orientation provides introductory information to the college, support services, English/ESL and math placement levels, educational pathways, WingSpan registration system, and much more. Orientation is required of all new students (log-in as a Student with WIngSpan ID and PIN numbers). Failure to complete the orientation will result in a registration hold and lower registration priority.

Online Probation Workshops – This workshop provides information regarding probation/dismissal, support services, success skills, and how to improve academic standing. Completion of this workshop is required of students who are placed on academic and/or progress probation. Required of all students on academic and/or progress probation (log-in as a Student with WIngSpan ID and PIN numbers).


Online Counseling and Advisement Appointment Scheduler – Students can schedule an appointment to update their SEPs via the online scheduling system. Recommended for students who have already completed an SEP with a counselor and would like to update their plan on file.


Online Counseling Services – E-Advising is an online counseling program in which students can submit quick questions. This service is not appropriate in cases where a student has detailed questions which require a comprehensive evaluation of transcripts. Recommended for students who completed the assessment and orientation and are in good standing with current Citrus College ID numbers.