What to do first

Students with disabilities who are new to Citrus College should follow the same initial procedures as all students, with a few additional steps. Please review the Checklist for New Students with Disabilities for detailed information. Students may learn more about the application and enrollment process by going to Wingspan on the Citrus College homepage.

Students who are entering Citrus College for the first time from high school should pay special attention to the differences between high school and college services. The following information may be helpful:

Have an academic goal or major in mind

Your decision to attend college should be made with an academic goal in mind. It is important to gain a clear understanding of the college's certificate programs and associate degree requirements when considering a goal. You may make an appointment to meet with a Citrus College Counselor in the Counseling and Advisement Center for assistance.  It is not unusual for students to be undecided during the first semester.

Orientation for students with disabilities

Specifically for students with disabilities, make an appointment to meet with the Educational Advisor in DSPS to become familiar with the many services offered by the DSPS office and resources available on the Citrus College campus.