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Citrus College: A College of Completion

​​​​​​​​​In 2010, President Barack Obama called for the nation's colleges and universities to increase their graduation rates by 2020. This challenge was issued in response to reports that less than half of American students finished college and, when compared to other countries, the United States' ranking for the number of college graduates it produces had declined.

Citrus College has risen to this challenge by establishing a collegewide initiative, "Citrus College: A College of Completion." College of Completion is designed to encourage and support students as they endeavor to complete their college education, transfer to baccalaureate degree programs, and enter the career fields of their choice.

The Citrus College community has rallied to support the College of Completion initiative by offering a variety of academic programs and student services that facilitate student success. In addition, faculty and staff continue to research and implement strategies that lead to higher student engagement, achievement, and ultimately, degree completion.

  • Every student has the potential and responsibility to succeed.
  • Completion matters and every student counts.
  • In an institutional culture that emphasizes student success.
  • Community college allows individuals to grow as far as their talents will allow.
  • Reaching out to students in need by encouraging, nurturing, and guiding them toward college completion.
  • Serving as role models by attending classes, being prepared, and participating in and engaging in discussions with professors and students inside and outside of class.
  • Discussing career-planning with professors and staff to ensure timely completion.
  • Learning about and using college support services.
  • Every trustee, employee, and student organization to help the student body understand the great value of obtaining degrees and certifications.
  • Our college to encourage the faculty and staff to create meaningful ways of supporting students in scholarly endeavors, social engagement, and career planning efforts.
  • The community as a whole to work with us towards our pursuit of college completion.
​​​​​​A group of students wearing Completion shirts and holding banners  ​ ​​​student signing the Completion pledge

Citrus College Promise Program
increases college access for first-time Citrus College students, provides student support, and promotes completion

I Will Complete College (IWCC)
prepares new first time college students who assess at, or below, college level in English and/or math to be successful college students and complete their educational goals​

Learning Center
peer tutoring services, multimedia computer labs, language lab​​

provides support for students studying science, technology, engineering and math

STEM Center
mathematics and science lab and tutorial services

Tutorial Services
offers free drop-in tutoring for a variety of subjects

Writing Center​
provides one-on-one writing consultations to help students develop their writing skills with any written class assignment

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Citrus College: A College of Completion