The items presented below are available to download as PDF files. Please note the file size before committing to download on your device. Additionally, the files below are heavily graphic-based (photos, images, graphs) and may not be ADA-compliant. If you have difficulty downloading or viewing these files, please contact Monica Hernandez at, and you will be provided with an accessible version.

AutonomousFlightUAV.pdfAutonomous Flight of a UAV using Piccolo II Autopilot412 KB  
PerformanceComparisonofAlternativeInterchangeDesigns.pdfPerformance Comparison of Alternative Interchange Designs1889 KB  
ProcessImprovementsofMgOCompositeThinFilmsforBactericidalApplications.pdfProcess Improvements of MgO Composite Thin Films for Bactericidal Applications567 KB  
SegmentationandExtractionofHandwrittenDigitsfromSeedImagesusingImageProcessingTechniques.pdfSegmentation and Extraction of Handwritten Digits from Seed Images using Image Processing Techniques716 KB  
Theeffectofmeshbaggingandvisitnumberonhoneybeepollendepositioninseedlesswatermelon.pdfThe Effect of Mesh Bagging and Visit Number on Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) Pollen Deposition in Seedless Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus)1104 KB  
UsingNeuralNetworkstoTrainUnmannedAerial.pdfUsing Neural Networks to Train Unmanned Aerial176 KB  
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