The items presented below are available to download as PDF files. Please note the file size before committing to download on your device. Additionally, the files below are heavily graphic-based (photos, images, graphs) and may not be ADA-compliant. If you have difficulty downloading or viewing these files, please contact Monica Hernandez at, and you will be provided with an accessible version.

anavalta.pdfAlijah Navalta : Immunolabeling of Transporter Proteins on Vaginal Epithelial Cells1145 KB  
agoldpenny.pdfAlyssa Goldpenny : The Role of Microbiota in Drosophila Evolution1585 KB  
aarata.pdfAnthony Arata : Visualizing Binary Black Hole Simulations in the SXS Collaboration Catalog931 KB  
ahalabi.pdfAyah Halabi : Dynamics of Air Pollution Over Lebanon and Its Impacts1555 KB  
dhuerta.pdfDemetrio Huerta : Using Citric Acid to Activate Charcoal Obtained from Agricultural Wastes as an Affordable Alternative to Absorb Oil from Water1600 KB  
jdiaz.pdfJason Diaz : Dynamics of Atmospheric Pollution Along the U. S. Coast During 2003-20201343 KB  
jaraujo.pdfJazmin Blue Araujo : Fossils of the Plio-Pleistocene1543 KB  
lwang.pdfLisa Wang : Evaluating Probiotic Viability of Manufacturer Claims1186 KB  
mmiranda.pdfMiranda Miranda : DNA Barcoding of Herbal Products to Determine Mislabeling on the U.S. Commercial Market1557 KB  
sserrano.pdfSandra Serrano : Generating Noise Budgets for Cosmic Explorer1348 KB  
sdebelene.pdfSherelene De Belene : Visualizing the Postmerger Range of GW170817 Using Ligo Open Data1303 KB  
vfua.pdfVenjaminne Fua : Sulbactam-avibactam inhibitors combination strategy: understanding the mechanisms beyond their activity to combat Acinetobacter spp. Infection1314 KB  
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