The items presented below are available to download as PDF files. Please note the file size before committing to download on your device. Additionally, the files below are heavily graphic-based (photos, images, graphs) and may not be ADA-compliant. If you have difficulty downloading or viewing these files, please contact Monica Hernandez at, and you will be provided with an accessible version.

agomez.pdfAlexander Gomez - Unveiling the Role of Chlorogenic Acid Esterase in Modulating Browning Index and Inhibition of Non-flourescent AGEs Through Caffeic Acid Formation in Sunflower Muffins1025 KB  
aghoul.pdfAmir Ghoul - What is the Effect of PSR on Wasps472 KB  
agonzalez.pdfAndrew Gonzalez and Daniel Martinez - Using Machine Learning to Understand Behavior of F1 ATPase417 KB  
arebelo.pdfAnna Cardoso Rebelo - Deepfake Detection295 KB  
aleyva.pdfArai Leyva - Incorporating AI in Construction to Automate Excavator Operations876 KB  
gverde.pdfBianca Cerda, Gabriela Verde Garcia, Karina Lizama, Daniela Gonzalez - Bacterial Presence on Menstrual Pads704 KB  
bcerda.pdfBianca Cerda, Gabriela Verde Garcia, Karina Lizama, Daniela Gonzalez - Biofilms, Let's Stick Together1410 KB  
ehury.pdfEric Hury - Training and Evaluating Machine Learning Transformer Models to Perform Various Mathematical Tasks841 KB  
irivas.pdfIsabella Rivas - Utilizing Orange Peel for Textile Dyeing975 KB  
jlam.pdfJoshua Tobar Lam, Aimee Ortiz-Ramirez, Travis Riggs  - Plasma Enhanced Combustion of Methane and Hydrogen in Piston Engine Applications369 KB  
kchandramouli.pdfKrishna Chandramouli - Utilizing Pressed Sunflower Seed Meal Waste for Baking1149 KB  
mluna.pdfMatthew Luna - Investigating Mineral Organic Chemistry with Mars Analog Iron Bearing Minerals6340 KB  
mdevera.pdfMorgan De Vera - Deriving Salinity Resistance from the Salton Sea Project1241 KB  
omasri.pdfOmar Masri - Identifying the Compounds Responsible for the Smell of Jasmine Flower555 KB  
sesparza.pdfSidney Esparza - The 2018 Butte County Camp Fire and its Effects on Air Quality in California460 KB  
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