Emerald Hartman
This program is a challenge, but never a challenge you cannot overcome. The instructors are hard on you, but there for you at the same time. I appreciate the instructors being hard on me, because it helped me gain a lot of confidence in the end. This program does need a lot of your time and dedication, but I promise it is all worth it. This is an excellent program! The instructors go above and beyond to help you become the best you can, but you need to do your part too! I highly recommend this program!
Emerald Hartman, 2014 Graduate


Karen Gomez
This is not an easy program, especially going full-time and working part-time as a waitress. You really have to be well-organized and able to manage your time wisely, but it is all worth it. The professors are very knowledgeable and offer so much help. This program gives its students many opportunities to apply what they've learned in class outside in the field. The classes are challenging but they prepare you for the skills necessary to perform out in the field.
Karen Gomez, 2014 Graduate


This is a great program. It feels like a family. The teachers and staff want to see you grow and succeed. The RDA program is intense and a lot of work. You have to be dedicated and devote a lot of time for studying. All the hard work will surely pay off in the end. You will leave the program feeling confident about taking your RDA board exam.
Colleen Martinez, 2014 Graduate


Holly Norton
The Citrus College RDA Program has taught me not only about dentistry, but also about myself. I learned the necessary skills needed for a career as an exceptional RDA, thanks to the helpful and knowledgeable staff. I gained more confidence in myself and for the first time in my life I feel positive about my future and career. Definitely the best RDA program around!
Holly Norton, 2014 Graduate


Brittni West
To all the single mothers that are interested in the RDA program: just know that there will be ups and downs and times may get hard, but you can do it! It will be well worth it in the end.
Brittni West, 2014 Graduate


Danielle Bollin
Great place to get a great education along with gaining lots of great skills. Teachers are patient and very helpful and eager to teach everything they know and more. Fun learning environment with lots of hands-on learning with a good amount of book material. So glad to have gone through this program, has been a wonderful experience.
Danielle Brolin, 2013 Graduate
General Dentistry, Brea 


Katie Dea
There is no comparison between Citrus College RDA Program, and other programs out there. The level of expertise and knowledge in the field of dentistry that the instructors here have is invaluable to us as students. It is the instructors, and their high standards and expectations that continue to foster and mold us into great Registered Dental Assistants.
Katie Dea, RDA, 2013 Graduate
General Dentistry, San Dimas 


Such a good experience. I never knew I could learn so much and be so prepared for a career as an RDA. The program has opened me up to go well beyond what I had expected from myself. Great staff that will push you because they know you are capable of succeeding.
Emily Ganci, 2013 Graduate


Jessica Haro
Joining the dental assisting program here at Citrus College has been by far the best decision. It is a program that teaches you more than dental material. The teachers are amazing always pushing you to do your best. The education you get really prepares you for the dental field. Have fun and study!
Jessica Haro, 2013 Graduate


Jose Millan
This program is awesome! We get to learn new things every day. Besides just learning, it is fun and you get to meet new people. I would definitely recommend Citrus College to anyone who wants to be a part of the dental assisting program. Just remember, don't give up: go over, go through, go around - but never give up!
Jose Milan, 2013 Graduate


Kaliegh Shepard
Citrus College RDA program is a great program and I would recommend it to anyone that was thinking about entering the dental field. The faculty is great and really cares about your success if you are willing to learn. I had a great experience here and am so thankful for everyone who helped me along the way!
Kaleigh Shepard, 2013 Graduate
General Dentistry, Upland


Brittany Urmanski
The Citrus College RDA program will prepare you for not only the board exam but also how to work in the professional field. The education you receive is thorough but you also gain something more during this program. Along with the curriculum you learn patience, maturity, and the "soft skills" needed to be successful with any path you take in your life.
Brittany Urmanski, 2013 Graduate
General Dentistry, Covina


Such an amazing program. Prepare to work hard, make new friends, and enjoy learning about dental assisting. One of the best experiences I have ever been through. You get wonderful training for an affordable price.
Taylor Yocum, 2013 Graduate



Steve Bowen, DMD - General Dentistry  

"Whenever we've needed a dental assistant I've looked to the Dental Assisting Program at Citrus College first! Our experience has always been that the interns and graduates of this program are always well prepared. I'd recommend Citrus to any student considering dental assisting and any dentist looking for chairside help. Thank you Citrus!"
Steve Bowen, DMD
General Dentistry, Glendora


Dr. Rick Cohrs
"I have always been more pleased with students from Citrus Dental Assisting than with those from any other school.  I believe the education offered at Citrus is superior to the private schools in the area, and it less expensive."
Rick Cohrs, DDS
General Dentistry, Covina


Michael Mulvehill, DDS General Dentistry
"I have had the distinct honor and privilege of an association with the Citrus College Dental Assisting Program for the past 15 years or so. The graduates are well trained and very competent at the entry level positions. The San Gabriel Valley dentists are fortunate to have such an outstanding auxiliary program in our own backyard!"
Michael Mulvehill, DDS General Dentistry
Arcadia Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs
USC School of Dentistry


"Almost my entire staff are graduates of the Citrus College Dental Assisting Program. They have received outstanding training and possess excellent people skills."
David Tabata, DDS Orthodontics
La Verne and Diamond Bar