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What is Matriculation at Citrus College?

Matriculation is defined by the California Community College Chancellor's Office as "a process that brings a college and a student who enrolls into an agreement for the purpose of realizing the student's educational objective through the college's programs and services." Under the requirements of Title 5, the following services will be provided for all students who enroll for courses. female student sitting on books

Essentially, students establish educational goals and participate in activities that assist in their attainment. The college, in turn, provides the various means by which students are able to achieve their stated objectives. The components of matriculation are: admission, assessment, orientation, counseling/advisement, follow-up, research/evaluation, and coordination and training. The information derived from these activities helps students and the college make significantly better decisions about endeavors central to the educational process.

View the college's online orientation.

Either one of the following will exempt students from matriculation activities:

  1. Completed associate degree or higher.
  2. Enrolled in fewer than 5 units AND in courses to advance in current job, to maintain a certificate or license, or for personal development.
  3. Completed the assessment/orientation components at another college and placement scores are on file at Citrus College.

Students who are exempt from assessment, orientation and counseling/advisement are urged to participate in matriculation activities. These activities are designed to help ALL students succeed at the college.

Students have the right to allege unlawful discrimination. The procedures for filing a grievance are described in the Student Grievance Procedures pamphlet, which is distributed in college planning classes. It is also available from the Office of the Vice President of Student Services.

The college catalog contains information about the procedures for challenging matriculation requirements, as well as the District procedures for investigating, resolving and maintaining records of all student complaints.

Refusal of Matriculation Services
Citrus College strongly believes in the value of its matriculation process. However, the college recognizes the right of students to refuse to participate in the following services: assessment, orientation, counseling and advisement.

Assessment is the process counselors and educational advisors use in helping you evaluate your readiness for success at Citrus College. Factors that are used in assessing college readiness include, but are not limited to, high school and/or college transcripts, evaluation of study skills, your goals and career aspirations, and the results of the Citrus College Placement Test.

Who Should Take the Placement Test
All non-exempt students are required to complete the assessment/orientation component of the matriculation process for placement/competency in English, math, reading and ESL.

Please contact the the Counseling and Advisement Center, (626) 914-8530, for the current schedule of assessment dates and times. The assessment will take approximately four hours.

Placement Recommendations
Students who have reason to disagree with placement recommendations have a right to request a Review of Placement.

For further information regarding matriculation services, contact the Counseling and Advisement Center.
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