As part of the ASCC (Associated Students of Citrus College) a sticker is issued that offers a number of opportunities and activities to meet the needs and interests of students. The sticker is issued after payment of registration fees and can be picked up in the Student Business Office (located in the Campus Center) or at the Cashier Office (located in the Student Service Building). A valid photo ID is required for any transaction and stickers are only issued to the student. The schedule/bill receipt must reflect an account balance of zero to pick up the sticker.

Online Permit Purchase and Vehicle Registration
Per Citrus College Administrative Procedure (AP) 6750, all vehicles parked on campus must display a valid parking permit. All vehicles displaying a valid permit must be registered with the Department of Campus Safety. To simplify the purchase and registration process, Campus Safety has developed an online purchase and vehicle registration system. To purchase your semester permit and register your vehicle, please go to iparq.

Daily permits can be purchases through the Campus Safety Department, located at the Citrus College main entrance off Citrus Avenue, or the yellow dispenser kiosks located throughout campus. Please visit the Campus Safety's Important Parking Information for more information regarding daily or term permits.